C3D Imagery is excited to provide marketing content for the agents of O'Brien Realty. Our goal is to ensure that you have advanced tools at the most effective cost to provide superior service to your clients.  

As the majority of buyers and sellers begin their real estate transactions online and given the great strides in virtual marketing, we would like to introduce a few services that may be new to you. 

3D Virtual Tours

Our tours are produced by a combined process of using infrared sensors and computational photography to build a 3D model in which buyers can have an immersive experience of an entire home from the convenience of their own home. In addition to being impressed by the various features of the home, buyers have greatly increased spatial awareness and walk away with a sense that they received a very honest representation of their prospective home. 

Walk-Through Videos 

Despite the greater engagement that 3D tours generate, some people prefer videos that showcase the entire property without their active participation. With a 4K resolution, wide angle camera, and with unbeatable gyro stabilization, we are able to create real estate cinematography worthy of the big screen. In addition to creating an emotional connection with a property, videos are advantageous because of their high ranking in social media search engines. In other words, ads with videos are presented first over photos and text in viewers news feeds and, thus, your listings are more likely to be viewed. 


360 Aerial Tours

Got land? That's exciting. Often, land listings really aren't that impressive. Yet, there are still really exciting ways to market them! By taking an aerial 360 degree photo and embedding the nearby recent sales, we are able to show buyers the numbers in a much more engaging and informative way. To our knowledge, we are the only  people that offer these kinds of tours for our clients. If you want to impress a client, these are worth a try. 

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