Premium Package

3D Virtual Tour

Using infrared sensors and computational photography, we construct a true-to-life 3D virtual tour of your home. Viewing the virtual tour, buyers are able to walk through your home online with unbeatable spatial awareness. Such virtual “open houses” offer buyers a clearer picture such that when they visit, it’s because they are seriously considering to purchase, saving everyone time and energy.

Aerial Photos

Having spectacular views from above gives buyers a heightened sense for the surrounding area at a glance; whether water views or country club pastures, our UAV captures it all with an eagle eye, 4K resolution camera.

HDR Photography & Twilight View

Without a doubt, the first impression is most important. Therefore, we ensure that the buyer’s first look is memorable by implementing the most advanced photographic techniques. Our photographers take multiple photos and use the latest techniques to produce impressive dark and more vibrant colors.

Schematic Floor Plans

How many buyers lean towards thinking on the left-side brain? Quite a lot! They have measured to the millimeter every piece of furniture and they want to be sure their heirloom vanity is going to fit. Don’t forget; they might be miles away buying site unseen. What’s the answer? Our schematic floor plans that provide the measurements of every room, door opening directions, and even stovetop locations.

Property Website

If you consider everything mentioned above, you’ll agree that we’re pretty much packing up your entire house and moving everything online. This means we need some serious virtual real estate, a fully dedicated website. We design and build out a sleek, streamlined website that gives buyers the ability to take in all the facets of your home in one place. Doing so gives more people full view of the property and, thus, speeds up the process of being viewed to sold.  

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