($375) Luxury Plus: Walk-Through & Aerial Video, 3D tour,  schematic plans, property website, aerial & photos.

($350) Luxury:  Aerial photos, 3D tour, traditional HDR photos, and schematic floor plans.

($275) Premium: Aerial photos, 3D tour, and traditional HDR photos.

($250) Standard: 3D tour and traditional HDR photos.

($250) Traditional & Aerial Photos: 25-30 HDR photos and UAV (drone) photos. 

($225) Photos: 25-30 HDR photos

($200) Aerial Photos: 10 aerial photos

($100) Twilight/Dawn: 1-3 Photos

($50) Return to Property: Covers 1-10 retake photos 

($45) Neighborhood Tour: A sequence of aerial and ground 360 photos which showcase the businesses, restaurants, amenities, and attractions along with photos and descriptions. Our featured neighborhoods include Leonardtown, Solomon's Island, North and Chesapeake Beach. 

Payable to O'Brien Realty upfront or at next closing.

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